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Our history

A blend of passions

The path of Adrien Uijttewaal to become a winegrower was not predestined! Born in the Limousin region, he grew up on a dairy farm and discovered the Médoc only at the age of 18 when he started picking grapes in the region. He then decided to settle in the Médoc region and create an estate based on his two passions : wine growing and cattle breeding.

In 1995, after 10 harvests produced in a wine cooperative, he built a wine cellar, allowing him to produce wine himself at Queyrac, next to the 18th century home that he would restore together with his wife. Over the years, the estate grew in importance to reach over 60 ha of vines registered under Médoc AOC and a herd of 180 “Blondes d’Aquitaine”.


Our vineyard

A vineyard rich in terroirs

Adrien planted his first vines on an excellent terroir composed of gravel on the edge of the Gironde estuary in Jau Dignac Loirac, as well as clay and limestone soils in Queyrac and sandy-clay soils in Gaillan. In 2012, the vineyard was extended on a deep gravelly soil along the Gironde estuary, in Valeyrac, giving rise to truly elegant fine wines.

Today, the vineyard which spreads over 60 ha and 4 wine-growing villages/communes, offers a rich diversity of terroirs.


Our know-how

Respect and transmission of traditions

We are deeply attached to our terroir and the quality of our wines, which are elaborated in keeping with our traditions. Since our first vintage, we have produced our wines under the guidance of renowned oenologist Jacques BOISSENOT. Today, we are working with his son Eric BOISSENOT, who shares our vision of wine-making and our attachment to tradition and terroir.

We also passed on our values and know-how to our daughter Elise, who is back with us again since 2017, following her graduation in agricultural engineering.


Our Environmental Commitment

Respecting Humans and the Environment

Just like many passionate wine growers, we have at heart to protect what we borrow to future generations, and this is why we decided to make a clear commitment to sustainable development. The TERRA VITIS environmental certification bears witness of our values and the sustainable practices we use in our vineyard and wine cellar. Our cattle breeding is managed under the label “La Signature des Eleveurs Girondins”.

We strongly believe in the synergy between beef cattle farming and wine-growing: our soils are naturally fertilized with cattle manure from our cows. Click here to find out more: http://terravitis.com/

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