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Traditional methods are used to make our wine, but the main objective is to obtain  very mature ripe grapes which are vinified separately, according to their origin, in stainless steel vats.

  • During the entire fermentation period, the wine undergroes 2 daily pumping overs and one punching down.
  • The maceration period lasts between 21 to 28 days.
  • The pressing of the cap, after the draining of the free running wine, is done with pneumatic presses. This method of pressing assures that the quality of the press wine is kept at its highest level.
  • The last step is made in collaboration with our oenologist : Mr Eric Boissenot. This stage is of the greatest importance;

After a very rigorous tasting session, the oenologist and the owner together choose the percentages of wine in the different vats to be mixed to create the final wine.

Aging the wine

Originally the wine was aged in the cellar built at the same time as the winery.

  • This cellar quickly became too small and a second one was built in the traditional local way.
  • The wine is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels starting the month of December following the harvest.
  • The cellar contains 600 barrels of which one third are renewed every year.

We finally select five French cooper factories all of high repute for the barrel manufacture.