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In the 80's, Adrien UIJTTEWAAL, a cattle farmer of Dutch descent, came to the Medoc region.

He first began to plant vines in the excellent soil of deep gravel which dominates the land around the Gironde River estuary in JAU DIGNAC LOIRAC. Gradually the wine estate was extended to QUEYRAC a neighbouring village where he bought a 30 year old vines, as well as a XVIIth century house next to some old cellars built by a Dutch engineers family. The family also drained the marshlands of the Medoc.

He renovated and added a new cellar built in the local  traditional way. Until 1994, the harvest was sent to winegrower's co-op. The first vintage to be produced at the Château was in 1995.

Since then, Château Saint-Hilaire (the name coming from the bishop protecting the church of Queyrac), has been rewarded each year at the most reputable wine competitions (Concours des Vins d'Aquitaine, Concours agricole de Paris etc….) and appraisals of our wines have been regularly published in the press (Guide Hachette, Revue du Vin de France, Decanter….).

The consistently high quality of the wines, the regularity of awards and medals, plus the first class management of the vineyard as well as its modern cellar installations were all determining factors in justifying the promotion of the estate to the rank of Cru Bourgeois, by an official decree in 2003.